3D Text Blender

ppsm image 2

Today, I am trying to created 3D text effects using gimp. Then i go surfing for 3D text tutorial using gimp. Unfortunately, I can not found any satisfy tutorial.

Some needs install plug-in, some needs a lot of steps. I remembered how I created smartphone design before.

I use same step, which is creating multiple duplicate layer then positioning all layer a pixel below by others. This way it can accomplished things I want (creating 3D text effect).

But it is not the best way. Why not use script-fu for same process, so did I thought. For that I go reading how to use script-fu.



But to use it, to understand it, not today.

Instead of giving up, I go for Blender. Easy to build 3D text but for lightning, positioning camera, extrude plane, it really really time consuming works. That is why I hate using Blender.

Here is .blend.