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isave app

saving to achieve
your Dream

Just a Button to fill design

1 PLAN your Dream

A dream without plan will always be a dream. Start your plan by adding it in the app.

isave app

Buy PlayStation 4

Upgrade to GTX 3080

Langkawi Vacation 7 days

Tabung Haji RM40k

Volkswagen Golf / electric Hatchback

Travel to Europe

Dell XPS 15

2 START saving

Do it. Your action today will benefit your tomorrow. Regularly save your money.

isave app
isave app
isave app
isave app
isave app
isave app

3 CONSISTENTly saving

dream no more
Reality is here

About iSave


A friend come to me with this idea, a saving app. Since then, we working on the product, he do part business and meeting person. I am doing on development.

We start the idea in 2018 before Maybank has MAE. We has presented the idea to the Maybank executives to accelaretor event or hackathon something (blurry mind).

We didn't get any reply after that. But 2-3 month later we found out that Maybank introduce saving for goal feature in their system.

I stop working on the iSave because I have daily job that required lot more attentions.

The idea is cheap, execution is more important. By the way, our idea not really unique. The same kind of app already available overseas.

Later in covid-19 year (2020), I got laid off. With my savings & covid-19 money (KWSP etc) I spend times to develop the app & system.

It takes 1-2 months to produce the app you see above with good backend. Backend is using Parse Server, properly build with security in mind. First time, I really using testing framework (Jasmine) in the system code. But we still lack the CMS.

What future of iSave? Well, we kind not moving forward. But for me, I learn a lot. No money income but the satisfaction to learn Flutter framework with MVVM architecture, learn Jasmine testing Framework and have a good beautiful working app is time worth spent.

Tech Stack

  • Flutter Framework - cross platform app
  • Node JS
  • Parse Server - Backend for rapid development & good architecture with horizontal scaling
  • Postgresql
  • Docker - containerize everything
  • Github for repositories
  • Digital Ocean because of the low price for better specs

2023, Built with Gatsby

Hire MeNota & idea