Looking for JavaScript developer? Looking for someone who knows Node.js & React? Hoping for someone who has experience with docker & devops?

Fakhrullah Padzil is a Full Stack JavaScript developer.

Reach me at

My Skills

React js
Bahasa Melayu
Parse Platform

Software development is a part of technology. For me, technology exist to help people, and making money is the side effect.

So, if you has problem and believe my technical skill can help, do not hesitate to contact me:

Please tweet and tag me (@fajarhac) publicly at Twitter, so that while we talking, you can help to promote me.

No Job Related

I am open to meet and talking geek stuf or not. I live at Subang Jaya, just message me at Telegram.

Invite me to your meetup or event. I am not into social media, most of time I only know about event after it already closed.