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Looking for JavaScript developer? Looking for someone who knows Node.js & React? Hoping for someone who has experience with docker & devops?

Fakhrullah Padzil is a Full Stack Typescript / JavaScript developer with good devops knowledge, can help you.

Subang Jaya, Selangor 011-6262 4558 [email protected]

My Skills

Bahasa MelayuEnglishJapaneseTypeScriptJavaScriptNodeJSReactJSDockerFlutter / DartParse PlatformUbuntuDocker

My Journey

My journey in the software world has been a rollercoaster of learning and hands-on adventures. As a professional software developer, I've embraced innovation and constant growth, diving into projects that reflect my love for coding and collaboration.


Software Engineer at HTC Global (MSC)Contractor at Western Digital

Continuing my role as a Full Stack Developer collaborating with a data scientist in the team, my focus is on building a web interface for utilizing the model and creating an automated flow for the system.

On my free time, I keep learning latest technology and updates. For example this keep changing from Wordpress ⟶ Hexo ⟶ Hugo ⟶ Gatsby v2 ⟶ Gatsby v5.
Besides taking freelance projects, I also building my own product such as Kubus

Personal self development & hobbies


Kubus App released

Finally release education quiz app that contain all subjects in one app. This is an update for my old apps: Kuiz Sejarah SPM, Kuiz Biologi SPM, Kuiz Sains PT3 dan lain-lain. Read more

Starting my first job in a big, multinational company (MNC), all remote, felt a bit tricky at first. I thought it might be tough because big companies usually use older tech stuff. Well, I was right about that, but diving into big data and optimization adds a different kind of fun and challenge to the mix.

Software Engineer at HTC Global (MSC)Contractor at Western Digital


Freelance full timeFajarhac Technology

Register SSM to make freelance as serious business. Work with previous company on project based. Work with other clients and friends in multiple projects.

Created the iSave app, but it didn't quite hit the business mark. Teamed up with a non-developer friend, got the idea rolling a while back, joined multiple at startup events, even presented to Maybank execs. Started with Quasar , but it wasn't cutting it, so I revamped with Flutter. Read more


2020covid / post-covid

Lead developer

Join a company as main developer, then we hired a junior to help me. Previously I work on project as freelance for the company. Then, they hired me to work full time. We build multiple website for company service and build an customize e-commerce for 3D printing.


Worked in several companies, and let me be real—it wasn't all sunshine. One place had a mass exit, deciding PHP was the way to go, but I'm a Node.js fan. Another spot skipped have problem wit salary and EPF. And then, there's this startup that's a bit shaky. But honestly, the main deal here is my limited experience. Good thing, I got to experience working inside government building (MOF).

Rough years in early career


No Job Related

I am open to meet and talking geek stuf or not. I live at Subang Jaya, just message me at Telegram.

Invite me to your meetup or event. I am not into social media, most of time I only know about event after it already closed.

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