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kubus app

Kubus App

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Dream Community

Questions is submitted by volunteers

Public Domain & CC0

Wikipedia kinds of community

All questions data is free for all

A Future of Malaysia Education?

You decide! Your help!


This is my attemp to remake 2016 project quiz app (ilmuadalahkuasa), with greater technology stack & better business plan.

And a proof that Malaysians are full of good people who want to do good for their child & whole Malaysians future.

Tech Stack

  • Flutter Framework - so that can have iOS and android with native performance
  • Parse Server - Backend for rapid development & good architecture with horizontal scaling
  • ReactJS stack for web frontend
  • Docusaurus for documentation, website & blog
  • Docker - containerize all instance for easier management
  • MongoDB as main database
  • Google Cloud Storage for storing images and files
  • Github for repositories
  • Digital Ocean because of the low price for better specs

2023, Built with Gatsby

Hire MeNota & idea